MHO Liner

Contractors client needed to replace a 20 foot section of 1/2 thick stainless steel liner that was covering refractory inside a 8 ft diameter line that tapered down to 3 ft with only a 24" opening to access work location. Job was critical path on a Multi million dollar Turnaround at a large oil refinery. There was an enormous amount of welding and fitting to be done in an unreasonably tight time line. There had to minimal distortion and safety was of the highest priority.


Often these types of jobs turn into an ugly, distorted, rework nightmares. Not something you want to happen when millions of dollars of your clients profits are on the line.


With some clarity, creative thinking, solid welding fundamentals and turning a work crew into high performing team the project was done on scheduled and above the clients quality expectations. Client was ecstatic with the results.


DR Solutions:

  • Interviewing stakeholders to get clear expectations

  • Designing a weld procedure to minimize distortion

  • Designing a bracing and installation system for the liner pieces

  • Selling the idea to the contractors client

  • Getting a newly formed crew to work as a productive team in a minimal amount of time

  • A system that maximized welding time throughout the work shift

Boilertube Window cut outs



Nine horizontally running tubes inside a boiler were dented from falling refractory. Contractors client only wanted to cut out the top part of the tube were the dents where and replace with a patch. Fit up was critical as these were to be welded with Tig. Work space was very limited.


This a prime example of something that is overlooked and often turns into a hacked up, time eating, rework nightmare.


It was solved with a simple solution.


DR Solutions:

  • Created a sticker that could be put on the tube and used as a cutting guided for making the new patches and cutting the dent cut out

  • Worked with trades-person to bring up skills to perform task.

Powerformer Shroud 

In Progress. January 2019.

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